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SANATORIUM is a european death metal band. It began in the year 1994 and it's been more than 20 years of spreading sickness and brutality. Sanatorium recorded 3 demos (Subculture-1995, Autumn Shadows-1996, Necrologue-1998) and a debut album „Arrival of the Forgotten ones” – 1999 in a more melodic death metal. After those recordings, Sanatorium drastically changed the line-up and also the music... more brutal, more gore, more sick!!! Next albums are recorded in a brutal death metal way: Internal Womb Cannibalism in the year 2001; Goresoaked Reincarnation in the year 2004; Fetus Rape MCD in the year 2003 Celebration of Exhumation in 2004. After that, several attempts were made to record a new album and some demos were made, but nothing officially came out. Sanatorium have been an active live band and have toured extensively with bands such as Lividity, Centinex, Sepsism, Soils of Fate, Disgorge, Internal Suffering, Abysmal Torment... Many club performances took place with larger and smaller bands, e.g. Suffocation, Napalm Death, Haemorrhage, Behemoth etc. The list would be endless as more than 1000 concerts were played in the EU, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus... In 2019 we tried to start the bands again and there were many great shows with nice attendance of fans. During the Covid era, we disappeared from the stages again. Anyway, 2024 is an important year for the band, plánujeme opäť novú webovú stránku, LP s debutovým albumom a nejaké vydania. Maybe there will be some new songs again, pure death metal energy with lyrics about something important. We do not plan to change the world and we distance ourselves from any political matters.

Subculture, 1995

Autumn Shadows, 1996

Necrologue, 1998

Arrival of the Forgotten Ones, 1999

Internal Womb Cannibalism, 2001

Goresoaked Reincarnation, 2003

Fetus Rape, 2003

Celebration of Exhumation, 2004

Arrival of the Forgotten Ones 20 years later, 2019

Autumn Shadows / Necrologue, 2022

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